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Your guide to add a round using GPS

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We are excited to have launched Circles Geo-Location feature (currently iOS only), providing you with:

  1. Significant Cost Savings: Our built-in range finder functionality eliminates the need for expensive devices.

  2. Enhanced Pre-Round Strategy: Before hitting the greens, meticulously plan out your strategy, ensuring that each swing is both intentional and effective.

  3. Real-Time GPS During Play: With just one tap, you can record your lie and distance.

  4. Post-Round Analytics: Generate round summaries, insightful analytics, and personalized practice plans to keep you keep on top of your game.

  5. Innovative 'Strokes Remaining' Feature: See how many strokes a scratch or tour player would take from your very position.

You have the option of entering a round using GPS while you're on the course, or you can enter shots and move them around the course post-round from anywhere.

Here's a guide to getting started with GPS (video at the bottom of the article):

Ensure that your GPS settings are set to "While Using" when prompted. You can change this from your phone settings by searching "Circles" and editing location permissions.

When you click "Add Round via GPS" you'll need to enter some information, starting with the date, round type, and number of holes played. When you enter "Course Name", start typing the name of the course that you are about to play - we will search the database of 40,000+ courses available in Circles. Click on the correct course name. You can enter the tee's that you're playing off to pre-populate your first shot (don't worry, you're able to move the location of each tee box as you navigate each hole), and select the starting hole if you're not playing off 1.

Entering shots while on the course

You will see that the first shot is already entered at the tee box, and the flag is set in the middle of the green. You can move the location of both the tee box and flag by dragging and dropping it around the map. You can zoom in and out by pinching the map for a greater level of accuracy. Our suggestion is setting the flag location only when you're at or near the green and have a better understanding of its position.

You will see a blue dot appear on the map at your current location. When you get to the location of your ball, simply click "Add Shot" and Circles will drop a shot at your location. We automatically determine the lie of the ball, and will calculate the distance remaining once you've set the location of the pin.

Entering shots after the round (away from the course)

You can maneuver the range finder to the location your shot was taken from, and click "Add Shot". This will drop a shot at that location.

We suggest before adding shots that you set the location of the pin and the location of the tee box.

General FAQs:

Q: What if I made a mistake with the location of one of my shots?

You're able to change the location of each shot by dragging and dropping it around the course. If you want to delete a shot, you can click on the shot you want to delete and select Delete Shot.

Q: What if I've finished the hole and realize I didn't add one of my earlier shots?

Simply click on the shot before or after the one you forgot to add. Select "Add Shot Before" or "Add Shot After" so that you don't need to adjust any of your other shots.

Q: What if I hit a penalty?

When you click "Add Penalty" you'll see a shot turn up in RED. This indicates a penalty. Add a shot to continue, and locate that at the point where you dropped.

Q: What if I hit a recovery shot?

Circles isn't able to determine when you're in a recovery position or not, so you'll need to specify that. Click on the shot, and you can change the lie to "Recovery" then exit back to the map.

Q: Once I submit a round or exit the map, can I go back in and edit shots?

The current version of Circles Geo-Location does not allow you to edit the shots once you exit the map. You can continue to edit a draft round manually - just click on "Activities" and into your draft round to continue editing.

Q: What if I have any other questions?

Reach out to our team, we would be happy to help.

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