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Calculating averages on the Dashboard
Calculating averages on the Dashboard

The averages in my Round Summary Reports are not the same as the averages shown in the Dashboard. How are they calculated?

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If you’ve come to this article, you’ve likely calculated the average Strokes Gained in your Activity tab, and seen that it doesn’t align with what you see in the Dashboard. You’ll also have a mix of both 9-hole and 18-hole scores from your play. Below is an explainer around these differences:

What you see in the Activity tab & Round Summary Reports

When you enter a 9-hole round, your Strokes Gained values are doubled in your Round Summary Report and in the Activity tab. The Strokes Gained values are the only ones that double - all statistics, including driving distance, proximity to hole, GIR, and putting %, are a true reflection of performance in that round. The Strokes Gained values double so that you can accurately compare performance between different rounds, regardless of whether you played 9-hole or 18-holes.

An example:

If you played 18-holes on a standard par 72 course, you’d have 14 drives. If you averaged +0.05 Strokes Gained per shot, your Strokes Gained would be +0.70.

If you played 9-holes on a standard par 72 course, you’d have only 7 drives. If you averaged +0.05 Strokes Gained per shot, your Strokes Gained would be +0.35.

You had the exact same performance in your drives, but one shows +0.70 and the other +0.35. So that you can compare performances from a Strokes Gained perspective, we double 9-hole rounds, so your +0.35 in drives becomes +0.70. You can now compare performance in 9-hole and 18-hole rounds.

What you see on the Dashboard

The Dashboard information is a true reflection of performance, treating every hole you play equally. Circles analyzes your performance across every individual hole, summarizing performance as an average. This means that every shot you take, regardless of whether you were playing 9-holes or 18-holes, are treated the same.

An example:

If you have two rounds entered, one 9-hole and one 18-hole, you have played 27 holes in total and hit 21 drives (less the 6 par 3's). The Dashboard and Trend Graphs look at your performance per hole, and scale it to an 18-hole round performance.

If you drive the ball 240 yards on average in your 9-holes (hitting 7 drives), and 260 yards on average in you 18-holes (hitting 14 drives), your average driving distance is not 250 yards. It is (240 x 7) + (260 x 14) divided by the total number of drives hit (21). This means your average of all drives taken is actually 253.33 yards.

The same concept works for Strokes Gained, taking every shot in a category (Drives, Approaches, Short Game, Putting) and displaying your average performance on the Dashboard, based on an 18-hole round total.

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