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Feature Overview: Practice Logs
Feature Overview: Practice Logs

Find out about Circles personalised and bespoke practice goals

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Circles allows you to optimize your off-course performance by providing you with bespoke and customized practice goals that are specific to you and your game.

Just like logging your round of golf, recording your practice sessions in a consistent format enables you and your coach to assess how you're performing off the course.

Practice Logs help to bridge the gap to real on-course performance.โ€

[Focus] Recommendations

Certain activities will be highlighted as key activities to prioritise in your coming practice sessions. Our smart practice plan generation engine has identified these by looking at a combination of factors, including how far away you are from the benchmark for that skill for your targeted goal and which skill areas are important to improve when trying to make the jump to that goal.

How To Create A Practice Log

Generating a practice plan with goals based on recent on-course performance is simple. You need to have loaded at least 1 round to access the practice plan. Click on the + button down and click on "Add Practice" and you're all set!

Printable Template

Our Practice Activity template provides an easy way to remember how to record and log each practice activity when you're on the range or course.

Here's a more detailed run-through of the Practice Log

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