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Quick Start Guide: Entering Your First Round
Quick Start Guide: Entering Your First Round

Everything you need to know to collect and enter your first round

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If you haven't checked out our welcome video yet >click here<. Everything else you need to get started is below!

Round Entry/Shot Collection

You need to collect two key pieces of information for each shot - the starting lie (fairway/rough/sand/etc.) and the length/distance remaining to the hole. This, combined with the par of the hole, is everything we need to produce game-changing insights!

There are four ways to collect your shot data while out on the course.

  1. Click >here< for more detailed instructions for the Apple Watch App.

  2. Circles Web App (for Android/non-iOS users)

The most popular is the use of our Apple iOS and WatchOS App, but we also have printable collection templates available to stay phone-free!

Shot Collection Tips

  • Record the shot data at the end of each hole (takes 10-15 seconds), as opposed to after/before each shot.

  • Length = the distance/length remaining to the hole from where you took the shot.

    It's important to note that this is NOT how far you hit your shot.

  • For the most accurate results, we recommend using a rangefinder/pin laser.

  • For distances off the tee, the distances on your scorecard will typically suffice. We do recommend that you use a laser for more accurate distances on Par 3s / visible flags.

Shot Entry

If you're using the Web or Mobile App or entering in from the printable templates after your round, simply click "Add round" from the bottom right of your dashboard, complete the initial round details, and begin shot entry.

Once complete, you’ll be provided a round summary to compare your performance this round to your benchmark.

Entering Data

Round details

  • Enter the round data: date, number of holes and name of the course

  • Practice/Tournament refers to if this round was played in official tournament play or not. It allows you to filter these rounds later.

Shot details

  • Enter the lie and length for each shot.

  • To add a shot to click the add shot button below the last shot added.

  • Navigate back and forth between holes with the “next hole” button on the bottom right or the scorecard tab at the top.

  • Check out our Starting Lie Definitions to ensure you're using the correct lie types.

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