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Understanding Fairway Widths in the Course Strategy Report
Understanding Fairway Widths in the Course Strategy Report
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When using our course strategy reports, users may come across details regarding fairway widths. We've noticed a recurring query about this feature, and have provided a concise explanation below.

Question: I've noticed that the fairway widths for my golf club in the strategy report seem different than what I observe on the course. Why is this discrepancy present?

Answer: The fairway widths presented in our course strategy report are determined by taking the average width across three distinct landing zones. If the fairway widths you observe for your specific golf club, appear to be inconsistent with the report, it's crucial to consider this method of calculation. Ask yourself: Do these averages provide a fair representation of your course's fairway widths?

We always strive to present the most accurate data, and feedback from users is invaluable in refining our system. If you believe there's a discrepancy, do reach out. We're here to help and ensure you have the best golfing experience.

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