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Navigating Score Submission and Connectivity in Circles
Navigating Score Submission and Connectivity in Circles
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Q: Does the app require me to be open and running while I play on the golf course?

A: No, Circles is designed to allow you the freedom of not keeping the app open while you're on the course. You don't need to have the app running or GPS enabled for the scoring features to function.

Q: Can I add the scores manually after a round?

A: Absolutely. You can manually enter scores after each round from anywhere, not just on the course. The app allows you to input your scores at your convenience.

Q: What if I don't have an internet connection while entering scores?

A: The app saves your scores and caches them on your device if you are offline. Once you regain an internet connection, the app will process the cached scores.

Q: How does the app's algorithm work with the scores?

A: The algorithm processes the scores you enter. Circles continues working even when you enter the scores later after the round or when you're offline. As soon as you regain connectivity, the cached scores will be processed accordingly.

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