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Understanding the Impact of Club Choice on Driving Statistics
Understanding the Impact of Club Choice on Driving Statistics
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Q: How does not using a driver on the tee box impact my driving statistics and Shots Gained (SG)?

A: Circles calculates your Shots Gained (SG) on tee shots on par 4's and 5's, regardless of the club you use. This approach allows for a fair comparison across all types of players and course strategies. So, if you choose to use a different club off the tee box, it will influence your driving distance average, but it doesn't directly "hurt" your SG.

Keep in mind that if you often play on the same course or in similar conditions, your insights might appear skewed due to the consistent club choice and course strategy.

To better understand your underlying skill, we recommend logging practice sessions in addition to regular rounds. This way, you can assess performance across different situations and club choices.

Remember, golf is a game of compensation. If you find a deficit in your SG in one area, you can work on other areas, like approach play, to make up for it. By using the Radar feature, you can get a complete view of your performance profile and identify areas for targeted improvement.

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