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Making the Most of Your Circles Evaluation Reports
Making the Most of Your Circles Evaluation Reports
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At Circles, we're committed to empowering your progress through regular, insightful performance feedback. Our monthly evaluation reports, delivered directly to your inbox, serve as a personal performance compass, guiding your development in the game.

Report Features

Circles evaluation reports offer a comprehensive review of your performance. These reports delve into detailed statistics and provide crucial insights spanning across key metrics such as scoring average, shot accuracy, and putting statistics. Each report summarizes your performance for the month, conducts trend analysis, and highlights areas where you can further improve.

Optimizing Your Report

To achieve the most accurate and beneficial representation of your performance, it's essential to log additional rounds consistently. This increased data input will improve the report's precision, making it a more effective tool for evaluating your progress and strategizing your training.


Should you have any queries or need further assistance in understanding your report, our support team is always ready to help.

Remember, these evaluation reports are not just statistics โ€“ they're a strategic roadmap, leading you to your best game.

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