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Understanding Circles Pricing
Understanding Circles Pricing
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At Circles, we offer a two-week free trial or up to five rounds of complimentary access, giving users an opportunity to experience how Circles can transform their game. After this introductory period, a paid subscription is necessary to maintain access to our services.

Pricing Options

Circles features three distinct pricing plans designed to address a range of needs:

1. Insight Plan: Perfect for casual players desiring simple tracking and analysis. This plan allows for the ease of game tracking, helping users to understand their performance baseline and pinpoint areas for improvement.

2. Train Plan: Ideal for committed players aiming for game advancement. This plan delivers detailed insights and in-depth analysis, providing an efficient training pathway that leads to significant performance progression.

3. Play Plan: Crafted for tournament players, professionals, or aspiring collegiate players aiming for excellence. This plan offers thorough analysis, custom insights, and strategic course planning to elevate game performance in competitive environments.

For a comprehensive understanding of each plan's features and benefits, visit our Pricing page: Here, you can make an informed decision about the plan that suits your game ambitions best.

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