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Choosing the Right Membership Plan for Your Improvement Needs
Choosing the Right Membership Plan for Your Improvement Needs
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What features does the Insights membership offer?

The Insights membership provides comprehensive analytics on your performance, including Strokes Gained (SG) for each category (total SG, Drives, Approaches, Short Game, and Putting) as well as for sub-categories within each primary category. This data can help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

I'm a competitive player and regularly practice. What's the best membership for me?

If you're a competitive player who frequently practices, we suggest considering the Train membership as a starting point. This membership offers in-depth statistics, insights, and personalized practice goals, helping you focus your training for maximum impact.

What additional benefits does the Play membership provide?

The Play membership takes your game to the next level with bespoke course strategy plans. These plans are developed based on your historical performance data, providing you with a customized approach to every round you play.

Where can I find more details about membership tiers and pricing?

You can find more information about our membership tiers and their respective pricing on our website's Pricing page at Each tier's features and benefits are outlined, helping you select the plan that best meets your needs.

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